Operation Supervisor | Sports Administration, Ministry of Education                 

Chief Organizer | Taipei City Govenment、Chinese Taipei Athletics Association(CTAA)、Chinese Taipei Road Running Association(CTRRA)

Associate Organizer | Department of Sports, Taipei City Government           

Top Sponsors | Fubon Financial、adidas

Main Sponsors | CITIZEN、Marahon Expo

Assistant Sponsors | Taiwan Mobile、Fubon Insurace、BRANDS、AfterShokz、Yunnan Baiyao、SYNMOSA、EVA AIR、All Sports

Co Sponsors | FOOTER、Bravelog、Nature Valley、Salonpas、Lian Hwa Foods Corporation、Super Supau、Gigijing、True Yoga、Babicorp.、Hunya Foods、EX TAPING

Race Date

December 15th, Sunday at 06:30am

Race Location

Taipei City Hall Plaza

Race Events




Half Marathon


Runner Limit

8,000 persons

20,000 persons

Entry Fee



Age Limit

Restricted to those born prior to 2002,

under 17 years of age may not register

Time Limit

330 Minutes

180 Minutes

Gathering Time



Starting Time




Taipei City Hall Plaza

Special Notice

  1. ※Marathon Group will be implemented in accordance with the IAAF label race regulations.
  2. ※According to the traffic control issue, please arrive at the venue before the race start, so it wont affect your participation rights.
  3. ※Please follow any instructions being issued by traffic control staff and referees.
  4. ※Those who did not register for the race, please do not attend.

Race Course Route


Taipei City Hall-Shifu Rd.→Xinyi Rd.→Songzhi Rd.→Songgao Rd.→Yixian Rd.→Renai Rd.→Zhongshan S. Rd.→Xinyi Rd.→Hangzhou S. Rd.→Aiguo E. Rd.→Aiguo W. Rd.→South Gate →Little South Gate→Zhonghua Rd. →North Gate→Zhongxiao W. Rd. →Chongqing S. Rd. →Ketagalan Blvd. →Zhongshan S. Rd. →Zhongshan N. Rd. →Beian Rd. →Minshui Rd. →Lequan 1st Rd.→Meiti No.16 Water Gate→Taipei Riverside Parks→Ankang Rd. Lane32→Ankang Rd.→Chenggong Bridge→Xiangyang Rd. Lane196→Chongyang Rd. Lane57→Songhe Rd.→Taipei Riverside Parks→Tayou No.6 Water Gate→Tayou Rd.→Yanshou St.→Jiankang Rd. Ramp→Huandong Elevated Vifaduct→Keelung Rd.→Xinyi Rd.→Shifu Rd.→Finish at Taipei City Hall


Taipei City Hall-Shifu Rd.→Xinyi Rd.→Songzhi Rd.→Songgao Rd.→Yixian Rd.→Renai Rd.→Zhongshan S. Rd.→Zhongshan N. Rd.→Beian Rd.→Mingshui Rd.→Lequan 1st Rd.→Tiding Blvd.→MacArthur No.2 Bridge→Huandong Elevated Viaduct→Keelung Rd.→Xinyi Rd.→Shifu Rd.→Finish at Taipei City Hall

Race Competition Groups

a. The Marathon is divided into the following 14 age groups including the visually impaired group

Male Visually Impaired Group

Male 60 and up Male 50-59 Male 40-49 Male 30-39 Male 20-29 Male 19 and below
Female Visually Impaired Group Female 60 and up Female 50-59 Female 40-49 Female 30-39 Female 20-29 Female 19 and below

b. The Half Marathon is divided into the following 4 groups including the visually impaired group

Male Visually Impaired Group Male
Female Visually Impaired Group Female

♦Participants in the full marathon and half-marathon must be at least 17 years of age (born prior to the year 2002).
♦Please be sure that all of the personal information that you have given is correct while pre-registering.

  Entry fees are non-refundable in the event of incorrect personal information. Your right to participate in any of the races on the event day will be forfeited.

♦Visually Impaired Group: Please contact the CTRRA if you need detailed information concerning the entry of visually impaired runners.

Registrant Souvenir

Items Marathon Half-Marathon


Gift Bag

adidas Taipei Marathon Limited Edition Cap V V
Silicone Cup V V
Suntab Electrolyte Effervescent Tablet V V
Quinoa Sesame Drink V V
Timing Chip V V
Bib and Pins V V
Electronic Bulletin V V
Footer Function Deodorant Socks V X


Gift Bag

Finisher Tower V V
Finisher Medal V V
Finisher Goodie Bag V V
Meal Box V V
Super Supau Sports Drink V V
77 Nouget Chocolate Bar V V
Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste V V
All Sports Electronic Photo x1 V V
Pepperidge Farm Cookies V X
Brand's Chicken Extract V X
adidas Taipei Marathon Limited Windbreaker V X
※Full Marathon participants please refer to below size chart for finisher’s windbreaker.
Windbreaker  Size Chart
Bust 103CM 107CM 111CM 115CM 119CM 123CM
Length 69CM 70CM 72CM 72CM 73CM 74CM


Female XS S M L XL XXL
Bust 91.5CM 95CM 98.5CM 102CM 105.5CM 109CM
Length 59CM 61CM 63CM 65CM 67CM 69CM

For size exchange, please contact CTRRA (02-25855659) before 17:00 on October 15th, 2019. There will be no exceptions.

Registration Information

  1. All races of the 2019 Taipei Marathon will be registered online and be processed through a computerized lucky draw. For each race group, there will be a number of spots reserved for those who are granted a waiver from the draw. For example,  there are 8,000 people in the marathon group. Of those, 1,000 are waived after being reviewed and verified as qualifiers. Therefore, the number of registrants that will be drawn is 7,000, while the remaining registrants will be placed on the waiting list and be given a waiting number.
  2. Prior to pre-registering, please be sure to read and understand all of the related race activity event rules and regulations at the official website www.taipeicitymarathon.com, and then sign up for enrollment while filling in all of your related data before the entry deadline (no changes to your data and info will be permitted after the deadline). After the name list of selected participants has been published and announced on the CTRRA website, all of the selected participants can choose their method of payment by credit card or by convenience stores.
  3. Once your application form is submitted, no change in the race category may be made for any personal reason. After you have made sure that all of your information for making payment is correct, please proceed to complete your payment transaction, and if you choose to make payment by credit card method, please be sure not to refresh your browser or hit the “previous” button on your toolbar or otherwise it will lead to a failed transaction. Once your payment transaction has been completed, you can check and view all of your related registration information on the official website.
  4. Please be sure to carefully assess your condition and capability of finishing the race within the stipulated time period. No changes to all of the registration items of information such as name,race event, etc., will be permitted once the registration procedure has been completed for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, registrants may not transfer their entry to others due to not being able to take part in the race event. Also, please note that if you do not complete your payment transaction within the stipulated time period, you will no longer be eligible to participate in your registered race event and the organizers shall withdraw your entry from the race. For full marathon participant, If you want to change your windbreaker size please contact us prior Oct. 15 5pm.
  5. Selected participants who made the payment within the stipulated time period may go to the website www.taipeicitymarathon.com “Registration Inquiry” to check on your registration information.

On-line registration procedure




9/4(Wednesday) 12:00 ~



1.Online registration only (no group registration). Each person is restricted to pre-register for only one race category. 
2.When pre-registering, please be sure to provide accurate and truthful information. All persons who provide inaccurate or false identity information shall be withdrawn from registration list.

10/2(Wednesday) 09:00

Selection of Lucky Draw Candidates and Waiting List Nos.

1.The name list of selected candidates from lucky draw will be announced on CTRRA website with an email notification sent to selected candidates. 
2.Please double check when entering information and ensure that your email address is correct.


10/8(Tuesday) 17:00

Payment Transaction Period

1.Selected registrants must fill out relevant info, including their contact address, D.O.B, size(full marathon), and method of getting souvenir sets.
2.Selected lucky draw candidates must select their form of payment and complete the payment transaction according to their recorded registration info. All participants selected by the lucky draw must complete the payment transaction in time or they shall be withdrawn from the race.

10/9(Wednesday) 09:00

Announcement of Payment for Waiting List Candidates

1.Selected waitilisted candidates will be announced on CTRRA website with an email notification and become eligible to register for the race.
2.Please double check when entering information and ensure that your email address is correct.

10/9(Wednesday) 09:00~


Waiting List Payment Transaction Period

1.Selected waitlisted candidates must fill out relevant info, including their contact address, D.O.B, size(full marathon), and method of getting souvenir sets.
2.Selected waitlisted candidates must select their form of payment and complete the payment transaction according to their recorded registration info. All participants selected by the lucky draw must complete the payment transaction in time or they shall be withdrawn from the race.



Priority Automatic Qualification:Please contact and apply with CTRRA before September 23rd 12:00pm:

(a)Qualified Runners:

Eligible for priority registration on official website. Must upload an electronic certificate while registering. Qualification as following chart.

Race Activity Event









2018 Taipei Marathon

2018/2019 Taipei Standard Chartered Marathon

2018/2019 Taipei Expressway Marathon

2018/2019 Kaohsiung Mizuno International Marathon

2018/2019 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon

2018/2019 IAAF Label Races



    Within 3Hours and 30 Minutes



    Within 4Hours and 30 Minutes




1 Hour and 30 Minutes




1 Hour and 50 Minutes

(b)Visually Impaired Runners: Please apply with the valid proof documents, registration form, payment, information of running guide.

1.Visually impaired runners who wishes to participate in the race event must register with a running guide. Each visually impaired runner in the full marathon group must have at least 1 to a maximum of 4 running guides, and 1 to a maximum of 2 running guides in the half marathon group. Guides are only allowed to alternate at 10K/20K/30K mark based on what is noted down on the form.

2.In case where the registration form and documents or the payment of entry fee is incomplete, the application will be declined. Running guides must register with visually impaired runners. Only running guides are able to choose whether to pay for registration fee. Those who choose to pay for will have their time recorded and receive registrant’s gift bag. Running guides who choose to not pay for the race event will not have their time recorded nor will they receive a gift bag; only running guide’s bib and pins will be provided.

3.Running guides are to report to the referee at appointed time on the day of the event. If the applicant is not the same as initially registered, the visually impaired runner and the running guide will not be allowed to participate in the event.

(C)EMT Runners:

Eligible for priority registration on official website. A limited number of 100 EMT participants will be granted discounted entry fee and waived from the lucky draw. EMT runners must show a proof of valid certification within the last two years and make an entry fee payment. Entry free will be refunded once the race is finished. EMT participants must put on the singlet provided by the organizers and volunteer to help where needed in case of an emergency. (Eligibility will be cancelled with entry free non-refundable if EMT participants do not correctly put on the singlet.)

※If above mentioned of those who can be waived from the lucky draw do not have registration documents and payment completed in time, registration will be declined. Registrants are in charge for return fee which will be deducted from the payment. Late submission will not be accepted for any reason caused by returning of registration documents.

Cancellation Policy

Those who wish to cancel their registration, please see below for more info: 

Please fill out the application form and notify Chinese Taipei Road Running Association through phone before October 31st at 5PM. Your refund application will be accepted should there be no conflicts. Refund amount will be 80% of the original payment. If remittance was chosen as payment method, another NT$30 will be deducted as transaction fee. No late application will be accepted.


Check-In and packet Pick-Up(Please select from the following methods during registration)

(A)Personal check-in prior to race day
1. Schedule:December 12th & 13th, 2019, from 13:00pm to 20:00pm ; December 14th, 2019, 11:00am to 18:00pm

2. Place:Taipei Expo Park – EXPO Dome  No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei

♦A packet pick-up notice will be sent to you by email from the CTRRA one week beforehand. Please have the receipt number ready with you.

♦If you are unable to personally check-in and pick up your race package, you may entrust someone in writing to pick up your package for you. The trustee will have to provide the pick-up notice number and your ID number, as well as his/her ID for inspection.

♦If you have not received your email pick-up notice from CTRRA, then you can retrieve it from the on the CTRRA website by searching from Registration Inquiry. You may also bring your ID with you when retrieving your race package.

♦If you are unable to collect the packet in person and have not entrusted anyone to do on above mentioned dates, you will not be able to participate in the race. Registration packet (without finisher’s gift bag) will be available to be collected at CTRRA (Room 206, 2/F, No.55, Changji St., Datong District, Taipei City) again within the week after race day from December 16th to 20th, 2019 (08:30 – 12:00 ; 13:30 – 17:30). No reservation is available and late comers shall not be accepted.)

(B)Mailing of Race Packet by Postal Service(please indicate during registration). Also, please note that this service is provided only within Taiwan and a postal fee must be paid as part of the registration.

♦The CTRRA will mail the race packet by post to those who requested to receive it in the mail from December 5th -December 10th, 2019, at the address indicated during registration. Please be sure to provide correct mailing address in order to avoid any chance of a wrong delivery.
♦If the packet is unable to be delivered due to an improper address or nobody was able to sign for its receipt upon delivery thereby resulting in the participant being unable to take part in the event, the package will not be re-sent, but the participant may pick up the packet contents at the CTRRA office in the following week after the race (December 16th to 20th, 2019) during working hours (Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12:00 Noon and 13:30pm to 17:30pm). After this period, the packet will be discarded.
♦Please note the additional postal fee: NT$100 per person
♦Once you have received your race packet in the mail, your check-in procedure has been completed. Please arrive at the race start on December 15th, 2019 as scheduled.

(C)No pick-up of packet (or check-in) on the day of race event.

(D)All entrants who have not reported to pick-up their race package shall be withdrawn from the race.

(E)If you were unable to retrieve your race package and take part in the race, you can still pick up your race package from the CTRRA office during working hours from December 16th to 20th, 2019.


Cash Prizes and Awards

Cash Prizes:Cash prizes shall be awarded to the top overall male and female finishers. The 2018 Taipei Marathon will offer the male and female champions of the marathon a total amount of NTD$1,800,000 if they also set a new record.
If the amount of cash awarded is more than NT$19,999, then 10% tax will be deducted for winners who are citizens of Taiwan and 20% tax will be deducted for winners who are not citizens of Taiwan (please bring photocopy of ID and all top overall finishers will not be awarded additional prizes for the separate age group awards).




1st Place

For breaking the Men’s Course Record of 2 Hours and 09 Minutes and 59 Seconds---NT$1,800,000

For breaking the Women’s Course Record of 2 Hours and 27 Minutes and 36 Seconds---NT$1,800,000

For not breaking the Course Record---NT$800,000

2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th Place


Special Bonus:

1. To encourage Taiwanese athletes, male and female first place winners will be granted a cash prize of NT$100,000 each.

2. CTRRA will grant a bonus of NT$100,000 to the first place male and female finishers from Taiwan who set a new national marathon record.

(Male) Hsu, Gi-Sheng:2 hours and14 minutes and 35 seconds
(Female) Tsao, Chun-Yu:2 hours and 36 minutes and 14 seconds

3.Top 3 male and female domestic winners in the full marathon group will be given one free airline ticket per winner to anywhere in Asia as a benefit of cooperation with Eva Air this year.



Half Marathon


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place




Visually Impaired Group



Visually Impaired Group

Half Marathon


1st Place



2nd Place

Trophy and Gift

Trophy and Gift

3rd Place

Trophy and Gift

Trophy and Gift

1. Trophies and Gift:For the full marathon group, all age group divisions having between 1-100 entrants will award gifts and trophies to the top two finishers, 101-200 entrants will award gifts and trophies to the top three finishers, 201-300
entrants will award gifts and trophies to the top four finishers, over 300 entrants will award gifts and trophies to the top five finishers.
2. Please bring your race bib and a photocopy of your ID with you when claiming your prize. All prize winners shall pick-up and claim their prizes prior to the closing time of 12pm on the day of the race event or else their prizes will be regarded as forfeited.
3. All runners who completed the marathon and half-marathon within the required time limit will be given a finishers medal and a towel (violators are not included). Official race results of the race completions shall be posted and announced on the CTRRA website three days after the day of competition (www.sportsnet.org.tw). As part of the global effort in conserving natural resources and protecting our natural environment, race completion certificates shall not be mailed to participants but instead each race participant can download their race completion certificates from the CTRRA website. Only those participants who completed their race within the required time limit will be issued race completion certificates. Please be sure to provide your email account while registering in order to ensure that you will be able to download your race completion certificate from the website.
4. In compliance with international anti-doping regulations, marathon winners will undergo a series of drug tests. Prize money will then be transferred if result is proven negative. Any violation of the anti-doping rules may result in disqualification and loss of results achieved during the event. Once the disqualified participant’s hearing is completed, the ranking and the issuing of prize money will be re-adjusted.

Chip Timing

(a)2019 Taipei Marathon adopts a chip timing system to record the race results. All race participants will receive a racing bib, souvenirs and one racing chip. As the timing chip is disposable, there is no deposit needed. Detailed instructions on how to fasten and use the chip will be provided beforehand, or you need any further assistance on how to use your chip, you can ask for assistance from the officials and volunteers at the race site. All chip times and results of the competition events will be displayed at the site.

(b)As per the International Association of Athletics Foundation(IAAF) regulations (Article165.24), gun times shall be used to for calculating the race times as well as for the placing results.

(c)No exchanging of chips, wearing another person’s chip or wearing more than one chip will be permitted and any such violation will disqualify you from the race.

(d)Please be sure that your chip is fastened properly and to step on the chip timing mats located along the course route while running your race.

(e)Please take your own ability into account at the start and as a courtesy give priority to faster runners by allowing them to line up in front of you.

(f)The CTRRA has the right to forfeit or discard any results in which participants have not crossed the starting line within 15 minutes after the race has officially started.


(1) Competitors who commit the following violations listed below will have their races results disqualified from the competition.

a. Illegally receiving drink or food from another party (you may only receive drink or food provided by the organizers). 

b. Not wearing a bib number which matches with the race timing chip, or not following the instructions for fastening the chip on your shoe. 

c. Not having a chip time recorded at the starting mat, finishing mat or other chip time-checking points. 
d. Not complying with the race official’s instructions. 
e. Not wearing the racing bib number in the front area of the chest. 
f. Using in-line skates, skateboards or any other rolling devices, etc. on the race course.
g. Bringing a pet (dog or cat) on the race course. 
h. Improper usage of the race timing chip (please follow the instructions for fastening your chip).

(2)Competitors who commit the following violations listed below will have their results disqualified from the competition plus they will banned from participating in Taipei Marathon for one year.

1. Receiving assistance from another person or party during the competition. 
2. Using false ID information during registration. 
3. Violating the spirit of the activity event (causing a disturbance or insulting officials and staff, etc.). 
4. Using a substitute or non-registered runner to run for you during the race competition. If it is verified that someone else is using your identity to run the race, then besides being disqualified from the race and being banned from participating in Taipei Marathon for a period of one year, the violator identities and pictures will also be publicly announced on related websites.



(a) Competition disputes: during the race competition, competitors may not dispute the referees and officials. 

(b) Dispute procedure: any dispute concerning the competition should be brought to the organizers attention within ten minutes after finishing the race and at the same time a deposit of NT$3,000 must be submitted. If the judges of the

review committee concludes that the dispute is not justified, then the NT$3,000 deposit shall not be returned. 

Items of Special Attention

Bag Storage Service Time Chart

Category Bag Check Time Bag Collecting Time
Marathon 05:00-06:20 08:00-12:30
Half-Marathon 05:00-06:50 08:00-10:30


(a)Storage of personal belongings 

1. Participants must use the red storage bag as above or similar type of the bag.(example as above)。
2. The Personal belongings bags can be checked in on race day (December 15, 2019) beginning at 05:00am. Use your racing bib number to retrieve your personal belongings bag. All bags must be checked out before 12:30pm. (Please store all valuable personal belongings in a secure place. The event organizers shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal items). Give yourself plenty of time to check in your personal belongings bag so as not to affect your race start preparations.

3. CTRRA Will not take responsibility on lost item. Do not check in any of your valuable belongings. The maximum claim of each lost storage bag checked is NTD$1000.

(b)Safety Items:

♦The organizers will take into consideration all factors such as typhoons and other possible natural disasters for ensuring the safety of all participants. If the race is cancelled due to safety reasons, participants do not have the right to protest such a decision, and registrants will be entitled to a 50% refund of the registration fee. (Extra NT$30 for the wire transfer fee will be charged if needed).
♦The referees or doctors have the right to stop any runner from continuing depending on his/her physical condition, road safety, etc.

(c) Please bring your ID information with you at the race event.
(d) All Participants must be in good health to register for the race events. Do not register if there are health concerns such as heart diseases etc. The organizers will not be held responsible for persons concealing such conditions.

(e)Runners participating in the race events will be using the Racing Chip for recording their respective times. Please follow the instructions on how to use the chip and fasten it to your shoe properly. The CTRRA will not be responsible for

improper or faulty usage of the chip. Remember no chip, no time!

(f)Please look after your bib number and chip after checking in. Lost chips will not be replaced. Runners without a number and chip will not be permitted to enter the race course route. 

(g)The organizers reserve the right to publish or broadcast any video, photographs or other types of materials recorded at this event for the purpose of reporting and promoting its activities.

(h)As part of the global effort in conserving the resources of our natural environment, the bulletin will not be published in the program manual, but instead may be referenced on the official website.

(i)Please be sure to follow the traffic official and referee instructions all along the race course and at all turns and intersections throughout the race.

(j)Runners who are participating on behalf of another individual or as a transferee shall be responsible for joint several liability of insurance claims if an accident occurs.

※Any further announcements or revisions to these regulations will be announced by the event organizers.

※The organizers have the copyright for all the photo images, video images and the race results of 2018 Taipei Marathon.

※Reference to the latest “2019 Taipei Marathon” activities and announcements can be made from the official website www.taipeicitymarathon.com

※CTRRA E-Mail: service@sportsnet.org.tw

All runners are provided public incident insurance. Details on all of the regulatory provisions of insurance matters can be obtained by contacting the CTRRA.